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Custom Chrome Jobs:
Restoring your plated parts to like new condition is much more than just dipping the part into a chrome tank. In order to get the results you expect, our plating experts go to great lengths to make sure your parts are as perfect as possible.

We provide a custom process for custom orders.  

Motorcycle and Auto Parts:
From chrome swing arms to fork ends and chrome plated kickstands to vintage car emblems, we can chrome plate your motorcycle, sportbike, or show car.

We carefully track the progress of your job from the time it reaches us until the time you receive it again. Our quality workmanship and customer service leaves no doubt that your parts will be repaired to highest quality. The final finish on a steel part is related to the age, condition and type of steel the part is made of. Old, rusted, pitted, deteriorated steel can be restored if there is enough metal left to work with. Aluminum blowers, intakes, rear ends…if you prefer the polished look on your parts rather than chrome plating, we can custom polish your parts 100%.

Street Machine Chrome & Show Chrome:
We create products that earn awards for their beauty and durability. The best quality plating available for your job where price is not as important as quality. We have a complete in house commercial production service, offering production, polishing, hand rack with fast turn around. For commercial production quotes please call or fax information.

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