Bright Nickel / Electreloytic Nickel

Bright NickelBright Nickel plating baths are used in the automotive, electrical appliance, hardware and other industries. Bright nickel is by far the most common nickel electroplating process. It is used prior to decorative chrome and is often preceded by a deposit of copper.

A bright nickel plated deposit has the ability to hide small imperfections in the base metal. This is known as leveling. Nickel plating is often used as a final finish, but it can also be used prior to other finishes. Decorative chrome and brass plating usually contain much more nickel than chrome or brass. Bright nickel is first deposited to give the parts a brilliant level finish. A thin deposit of chrome or brass is used over the nickel plating to give it the appropriate color and characteristics of the final finish.

It’s most important function is an undercoating for chromium plating, helping finishers achieve a smooth decorative bright finish and to cover small defects such as polishing lines and to provide luster.